One of the ways businesses stay in check is through competition. It is one’s goal to thrive better than your competitor. A sure way of doing this is by keeping in touch with their activities. Facebook Ad Library is an efficient tool for this purpose. It enables you to see what Ads any person or company is running at any given time. You can visit the Facebook Ad Library by visiting Using the dropdown menu, at the top right of the screen, you can customize your search by changing the country or select all countries.

Search for authors

Search for potential competitor authors to see if they are running any paid advertisements. Facebook Ad Library will give you details of both active and inactive ads they have had. For example, to see the ads of James Patterson, all you have to do is type in his name in the search criteria and customize the country of search. Selecting all countries will show you all the ads he is running in all the countries whereas choosing a single country will show you ads in that country alone. Viewing competitor advertisements will place you in a better position to know what they are doing better than you.

Search for Publishers

In most cases, it is the publisher who runs the ads as opposed to the author. It is worth searching for publishers as this will give you a clear image of what and how they are promoting on behalf of the authors. For example, a search for penguin books shows how many people manage the page and also their locations. It also displays the date of page creation and any change of names. The advertisements are visible together with their launch dates.

Facebook Ad Library shows you if an advertisement is running on multiple websites; Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, or Messenger. It is possible to filter your results to a single platform at a time. It will also display impressions by date; the last day, seven days, 30 days, or 90 days. You also can sort ads from high to low and vice versa.

Facebook Ad library is a valuable resource to see how authors and publishers are selling their books on social media platforms. Such information will help in improving your pages. It is worth considering their Facebook posts as well.

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