One of the most common questions I receive is, should I have an author website? To answer this question, you must understand the purpose of an author website. An author website is an online representation of not only your books but also yourself in person. It is a forum to engage your readers and get to hear their views. Of course, it will have all your upcoming and available products listed, Social Media and contact links. But then, what are the essentials for an author website?

About the Author Page

A well-crafted About the Author Page is essential. Your readers need to know who you are. Make sure the information on the author page is relevant to the readers as well. You do not want to bore them with needless information. It should give the reader a clear idea of who you are and include anything relevant in your past such as inner desires or a loss, that has influenced your writing. Remember, your main goal for the author website is to boost your sales. Achieve this by making the About Page about the readers too, what do they get out of it? The About Page will have many visits from your readers, make good use of it.

Calendar of Events

The Author Website should include your calendar of events. They can be online-based events or face to face meetings such as conferences or tours. Giving the readers an opportunity to meeting you will be in line with boosting your sales. It is worthwhile doing occasional online events purely for this! Include what will be in your offer basket during these events, this excites the readers. It gives them more reason as to why they should attend the event. Wondering what to have on your offer basket? I don’t know. It should be something to boost your overall sales. Maybe a Free book? It is totally up to you.

Social Responsibilities

Let your readers know about your ways of giving back to the community. Include charity events or the good causes you support. These should be those that aim at improving the lives of others. Readers will tend to associate best with authors who seem to have a sense of social responsibility other than one who is just aiming at making a sale out of their ‘hard work.’ Did you know that engaging in a charity event is a great way to get more people to talk about your books?


It’s a lie; they will judge your book by the cover. Ensure your Author’s Website has a welcoming outlay to every reader. You might be the best author or have the best book, but with a sloppy website, all this could go down the drain. Make it appealing and user friendly. The real purpose of an author website is to bring the author to life for the reader. It is the only place the author has to shine above their work. Even if you only have one book available for sale, or even one due to come out, an author website is an opportunity for your reader to get to know you and not just your work. Therefore, the answer is Yes! You should have an Authors Website.

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