Audiobooks have been in use since the early 1930s when they were referred to as talking books. Their contribution to the reading society is significant, and Yes, you should create an audiobook. Audiobooks are incredibly popular right now, particularly amidst the Coronavirus. Deloitte has predicted that the global audiobook market will exceed 3.5 Billion US$ in 2020. Despite audiobooks mainly targeting the visually impaired, over the years the audience has grown, from parents playing them in the cars to commuters listening to them on the train. Before you decide whether to create an audiobook, you should probably weigh their advantages and disadvantages as I have outlined them below.


Audiobooks are available in formats such as downloadable digital formats, e.g. MP3. This means that they are easily accessible to portable devices such as phones, tablets, and PCs. It makes it easier for listeners to play while doing other chores or just relaxing. They are convenient such that your listeners can set a timer. In case they drift into sleep, they can continue right from where they left off. With the addition of headphones, they can be listened to discreetly in public or while exercising.


Having an audio book does not mean you should do away with other book formats. It is just adding a delicacy to the menu of your readers, allowing them to choose what is most convenient for them. An additional format to your creation is a guarantee of increasing the base of your readers. Also, there is a perceived success behind having multiple formats; readers will subconsciously think it is a successful book if it is available in paperback, kindle and audiobook formats.

Production and Publishing

It can be technically challenging to create an audiobook. The main characteristic being audio, you will need to have a reader whose voice clarity is commendable, and pronunciation is widely acceptable. However, there is lots of support available, and you can always outsource the task to someone else. Websites like Up work, Freelancer and Fiverr will allow you to find people willing to read your audiobook at a cost. You can interview potential readers and pick your best match. Or you could use a specialist website such as or

Cost and Resources

Producing an audiobook can be costly. Extra costs arise from having famous people do the reading; they charge more. Of course, having a famous actor or media personality reading your book is a plus, but it is not a deal-breaker for most readers. It is just a nice bonus. Producing an audiobook doesn’t have to be costly. It is best to have a budget and work within your budget. With the availability of technology, it is even possible to create an audiobook yourself.

Audiobooks are an amazing way to document your books. If you can afford to release your book in audiobook format, it will be worth your while. Particularly, if you write children books or those that appeal to 25 to 45-year-old males. My ideas coupled with a little research can go a long way in improving your career. Start by looking at Amazon ACX here

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