It is a common mistake to begin your writing career relying on family and friends to bolster your confidence and bring you essential first sales. As much as blood is thicker than water, business and family do not mix well. It is probably best if you stayed clear of your family and friends with any business ideas you have. Judging by the current trends and history, most successful people received criticism and were discouraged by family and friends. There are several reasons why we should ignore family and friends including;

1. Family and friends will rarely share your stories with others outside of the family. Mainly, this is because they do not take you seriously. They might also be feeling that they are doing you a favour. It is better, in a start-up to hire employees who get benefits in the form of salary as compensation for their work. There are no emotional attachments with employees. The best thing with having employees is that mostly they will be doing a job they have been trained for and have experience in, something family members and friends might not have.

2. Family and friends will find it difficult to give objective feedback. In business, professionalism is everything. You need someone you can rely upon, especially during start-ups, to be objective about readers’ feedback. Family and friends might be afraid to point out when you are going wrong, and this will affect your business significantly. They will hide their true opinion with the idea that they are protecting you. Whereas they are justified to do this, it is not the right thing for your business. You require an environment where you can take risks without fear of what a family member will think or do.

3. Involving family and friends in your business ideas could put an unnecessary strain on your relationship. One of the problems will be unmet expectations. It is common to expect those close to you to support you. Instead, when it comes to business, this is not a stronghold for family and friends. The other matter that will arise is financing. You can never get it right if you ever involve your friends and family in your finances. They will block you left, right, and centre. The biggest strain is the family or friends who expect something in return because they contributed an idea when you were starting.

If your goal is to share your stories with the world, then starting with friends and family is not the best solution. It is business savvy if you find people who enjoy similar books to yours and with whom you have little or no relationship. Let family and friends’ relationships be social, and it will be a win-win situation. Surround yourself with professionals when it comes to matters business. Good luck.

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