In my experience, one of the reasons authors give for not using videos to promote their books, is the cost of making the videos, they say it is too expensive. The second reason is that it is too complicated to achieve. My advice always is, to achieve success, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Using videos is effective. It brings you, your characters, and stories to life in a way that no other media can. Besides, it gives you a live event experience. In this post, I will show you some of the ways you can use videos in promoting your books.

1. Author Interview

An interview about your book is effective in marketing. It is a chance to talk to the general public about your book. You can achieve this through blogs and vlogs, local TV or radio stations, or social media sites of people with a huge number of followers such as; YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. You may watch author interviews on TV chat shows or online on author websites. Here is an interview with Stephen King on Good Morning America.

You will notice how there is a hook to the interview when he speaks of what he is scared of.

2. Character Interview

Bring that character to life. Readers enjoy knowing more about their favourite characters. They want to know what is the motivation behind the faces of characters. Hard Choices is a novel about fictional politician Grace Fry. Here the character is interviewed about topics raised in the novel.

Give a story about your characters and engage your readers more.

3. Story Reading

Book reading is an efficient tool in marketing. Create a short video of someone, particularly someone famous, reading an extract of your book that will get the attention of the readers. Here is Olivier Award-Winning Actress Lesley Manville reading an extract from ‘A short film about Serial Killing’.

4. Book Trailer

A book trailer is an exciting opportunity to create motions for your book. It is the same as a synopsis but on video. It creates suspense for your readers, and they will want to read the book. Here is a book trailer for novel Disentangled.

5. Show Clips

Show clip is the same as movie scripts, only that, show clips are for your book. A written play is an effective way to sell your script in a paperback format. Here is a clip from a one-man show ‘An Audience with Henry VIII’.


The list to choose from is long. It does not have to be complicated. Make sure to attach links on how your readers can access the books at the end of the videos. As you can see, videos can be a powerful way to bring your stories to life for readers. All of the videos linked, except for the first one, are projects that I have been directly or indirectly involved in. Don’t dismiss the power of video!

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