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Should I create an Audiobook?

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Audiobooks have been in use since the early 1930s when they were referred to as talking books. Their contribution to the reading society is significant, and Yes, you should create…

John has been able to see angles, in marketing and promotion of my work, that would only be matched by top Publishers and Literary Agents.

Pete, September 2010 (Multiple Fiction Publications)

Two thumbs up. John has been a pleasure to work with. He went far and beyond my expectations and finished the project professionally and quickly. Should you find yourself in doubt who to pick, pick him.

Ann, December 2014 (Children's Book Author)

I really hit the jack pot by choosing John and will be for sure working with him in the future. Thank you John. I appreciate your patience with and helping make this project come full circle.

Client, April 2019 (Editing & Formatting for Publication)

John is a lovely man, the most patient person on the planet. He does 100 times more than he should and I wish there was more people like him around. Cheers.

Client, November 2018 (Paperback Creation & Proofreading)

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Reasons to Ignore Family & Friends Advice

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My Book isn’t selling, What now? Part 2

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